A major Disruption in the Conventional Medical image printing.

Dynamics in Image Diagnostic:

The global market for medical imaging has grown from $34.1 billion in 2018 to reach $43.6 billion by 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% for the period of 2018-2023.

Growth factors:

The growth of this market is primarily driven by the increasing demand for early disease diagnosis and widening scope of clinical applications, rapidly growing geriatric population, and the subsequent increase in the prevalence of associated diseases. The rapidly growing prevalence of the old population and the subsequent increase in associated diseases around the globe made the highest demand for Diagnostic Imaging.

This health sector faces the major issue of lower spatial resolution. Also, Ongoing augmentehealthcare expenditure is boosting the adoption of novel imaging solutions among healthcare providers.

Catering to the demand for accurate and efficient medical imaging technology, Accurate Medical Print Solutions has devised a cost-effective and highly efficient solution adding value to the lives of our communities.

Accurate Medical Print Solutions

The state-of-the-art solution has proven to be a key factor in leading ways to leverage the power of high-resolution printing to bring greater accuracy in medical diagnostic imaging and improve patient outcomes. Accurate imaging systems are capable of detecting minute anomalies that cannot be identified using conventional techniques and depicting the images on PVC prints that are non-tearable and waterproof.

Accurate is spreading its wings across pan India to provide high quality and cost-effective Medical Imaging Print Solutions (MIPS) to hospitals, diagnostic centers, radiologists, oncologists, health care centers, Nuclear medicine centres, mobile health care centers. MIPS module is a comprehensive solution without any capital expenses and comprises of Accurate printer, solution, Ink, Media and comes with a complete maintenance and service responsibility at the point of sale.

The solution of Accurate has truly created a disruption in the health sector by bringing out the following benefits:
  • DICOM compatible and high-resolution color/mono image Printing
  • Cost-effective and reduced operational cost for the care providers
  • 100% waterproof and non-tearable
  • Instant drying and has no effect of sunlight
  • Zero Capex, Zero maintenance, and zero wastage solution
  • Better efficiency
  • 98% reduction in power consumption
  • This solution can work even on inverters
  • Comprehensive MIS report
  • Occupies less space
Our esteem clientele:

Some of our major installations of Accurate Solution are at Nanavati hospital, Fortis hospital, NM Medical, Ruby Hall Clinic, Arti Scan, Saifee Hospital, Apollo hospital, Paras hospital, Max hospital Etc. Some of the renowned radiologists like Dr. Nitin Chaubal, Dr. Shailendra Singh, Dr. Alka Karnik, Dr. Sanjeev Mani are part of the satisfied clientele list of Accurate.

Collaborative Partnership:

Accurate Medical Print Solutions is continuously working on bringing novel rapid diagnostic solutions to the market and this vision of improving diagnostic accuracy would have been accomplished without being an Amplify Power Service Partner with the market leader: HP.

Accurate along with HP has always been Improving healthcare providers’ lives by collaborative, personalized, and flexible technology built for the way providers work and get access to relevant data. Accurate has signed a 3.1 million USD contract with HP and stands in the top 100 clients across India.

Our Growth Story:

Our collaborations with top radiologists and care providers and strong customer focus have enabled us to grow dynamically over the recent past.

Encouraging growth, access to entire layers of management, open to criticism and suggestions, quality mantra, product introduction before market aspires have made us grow as market leaders and recognized as thought leaders in the health sector.

The combination of a strong pan-India distributor network, wide portfolio, and short-notice availability provides an edge and makes Accurate Imaging one of the premier companies in this field. We are proud to announce that from scratch in 2017 to 800+ installations as on Dec 2021 and growing and processing 4Lakhs patients reports a month. We envision to cater to 1 million patients per month by 2024.

The More You See Clearly, The Better You Report

Accurate believes in enhancing the connection between health care centres and patients while optimizing clinical workflows accurately and clearly along with adopting an approach of providing carbon-neutral and sustainable solutions.

Accurate has reduced imaging and printing costs by up to 50% along with increasing productivity and improving results with an easy installation process at the health care centres.

We have our deep understanding in image printing for MRI, CT, PET-CT, Ultrasound, Mammography and other Modalities.

Such Novel ideas with strong potential and a visionary leadership team of Accurate are changing the face of medical image printing.

Accurate is sure to grow by Leaps and bounds in the near future.

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